Anyone seen???

  1. Has anyone seen the heart pontail scarf in pink?
    They have it up on the Macy's website.
    Do they sell it at macy's?
    Does anyone know?
  2. I seen them all over eBay a week or so ago
  3. Cute! I've never seen it in pink, only red.
  4. Our Macy's don't carry the scarves but I noticed this one on too. The pink is really pretty!
  5. Wow! I love that scarf in PINK!
  6. i have it in red so i wont be getting it in pink, but its BEAUTIFUL!!!
  7. love it in pink!
  8. The pink one or red?
  9. superstar, did you find any info on that scarf?

    I called Macy's CS and they couldn't give me any info. I called Coach CS (the product info line) and they said that they didn't have anything like that available and it could have been a prop. Too bad cause it is so cute! :sad:
  10. The color is a known sku, but I don't think it was ever mass produced.
  11. Too bad they didn't mass produce them! They would have sold really well! Such a pretty spring color!
  12. Thanks for your help. You are too sweet.
  13. Do you think you can still order it for me?
  14. ^^ Ooohh, I'd like to get my hands on one, too! :love:
  15. I had my SA look for it, and no luck. I guess it wasn't meant to be.:crybaby: