Anyone seen Violet crinkle patent?

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  1. I ordered the tan crinkle patent clutch wallet and hated the look. I just didn't think it was attractive. I think some of it was the whitish lines running through the leather. Also, it just didn't pop. I love patent leather and I am obsessed with the idea that the violet will look so cool and the color will make me smile every time I pull out my wallet and brighten my day. But, I am worried it won't look good. Can anyone fill me in on how the violet looks in person? Thanks!
  2. It looks awesome! I definitely prefer it to the tan, I've seen both IRL. But of course, I can't guarantee that you would like it. Anyone have pics?
  3. I posted my VCP havana pics in the action thread..
  4. I have the pilot in VCP and love it. My VCP clutch wallet just came today.
  5. It looks tasty! A friend of mine has one and the color is fabulous. Not dull or flashy, I think it's just a right hue and catches your eye. Can't wait to get one!!
  6. The strap and some of the detailing in my Marcel Clutch is VCP and I think it's purrty!
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply.
  8. I love the VCP, but I'm probably the wrong person to ask because I like the tan even better.
  9. VCP definitely pops. I have a VCP havana and love it! It's a gorgeous color IRL.
  10. Here's a picture of the VCP clutch wallet (with my Chloe bag in Vanilla and ugg boots, ha)


    I found that mine is smooth and not really all that crinkly in actual texture, it's very nice.
  11. Sigh... I've been lusting over a VCP Havana... it's how my new HH obsession began (after seeing Cho's pics!) ... but alas, it has not (yet) been meant to be... but I will not give up on my quest...
  12. Fab Chloe Pasdedeux.... another one of my bag vices....
  13. Thanks. I was iffy on the color at first, but it's grown on me.

    Da*n if the thing doesn't weight a TON, though....
  14. I know all about it... my HH bags are like non-existent in comparison to my Chloes....