Anyone seen Vert gazon RH?

  1. ladiesssss.....if u guys know where i can find Vert Gazon RH, please let me know..thanksss in advance:p
  2. What style?
  3. if you're not particular on the style, call neiman's sf...
    last time i was there they had a vert gazon part-time w/RH...
  4. Wow..really? That Part Time has been there, like, FOREVER. I lurrrrve Vert Gazon...I have the VG GH Day. :tup:

    I think Neiman's Austin is also worth a check. I think I saw a Vert Gazon something there...either a Part Time or City (but this was back in June).
  5. vert gazon is a rich color, i have the first and luv it to pieces!
  6. actually, im searching for city..this color is so stylish..tell me more if anyone seen it..

    anyway, thanks kimair, fiatflux and shoptfs for ur suggestings
  7. Maybe try Susan in Burlingame; it's on the reputable stores list. I remember they had ~3 VG bags a few weeks ago. I don't remember style or hardware anymore, but it could be worth a call. If you search the shopping thread there were a couple of us who posted about the stock a little while ago and that should give you a better idea what they have. Sorry I don't remember more clearly!!