Anyone seen this...

  1. at their Outlets? It's the '06 Legacy shoulder bag in white #10326. Let me know if you saw one. I spotted one about a month ago and now I'm kicking myself for not snatching it up. I just decided I need to add a legacy bag to my collection. So any info is helpful. Thanks..
  2. They had this exact same bag at the Barstow outlet on Jan. 4th. Good luck!
  3. I don't have an outlet nearby, but I have seen at least 3 or 4 of that bag NWT in white and black on eBay this past week. So, most likely they are/have been at the outlets.
  4. I saw a few of these in white last time I went to Woodbury Commons in NY, but that was January 2nd. Good luck :tup:
  5. I love this bag. Good luck! I hope you find one!
  6. Thanks girls! You guys are helpful!! Thanks sissabelle, that's the one I'm currently watching. I hope it doesn't go up.
  7. The Premier Outlet in vegas has them. I saw them TODAY!!!
  8. You're welcome, I hope you win :yes:
  9. handbag girl, do you know how much they were going for?
  10. I was going to say the same premium in Vegas has them.. their number is # 702-386-9990 and they are still open for almost another hour! You could always do a charge/send through your outlet! :tup:
  11. I called premium right after reading your guy's post and they said there were none left. Maybe they didn't really look and just told me they didn't have any. I hate when that happens. I'll be in Vegas on friday so hopefully they still got it so i can look for myself. Thanks guys!!!
  12. Good luck, Tnc!!!! the legacy shoulder bag is my all time favorite :p
  13. Thanks Danielle! I think I'm gonna need all the luck I can get haha! It seems like all the outlets around me and the outlets I'm going to this weekend don't have it. I really don't want to get it on e-bay cause I got some store credit left. I hope someone sees it at their outlet so I can do a charge send. Why oh why didn't i get it that one time...bleh.
  14. Woodbury had a bunch of them last week. Maybe give them a call--they are in Central Valley, NY.