Anyone seen this Prada IRL?

  1. I saw something similar to this but without the tassels. If i am not wrong, it should be in lambskin! Very buttery soft! Nice! :yes:
  2. Me too I've seen it without the tassles, very soft and light:smile: Must post modelling pics when you get it:yes::tup:
  3. I've got to stop drinking wine and going on the internet!! Every time I do, I end up with another new bag!! I'M TRYING TO DOWNSIZE my collection!! :lecture:
    But I really do want a smaller bag to take on my trip :rolleyes:.............and if I don't like it I know BG will take returns :graucho:. Oh well............................:p
  4. No,I haven't seen it but does not matter,looks classy,congrats!
  5. I’ve seen this bag in my local Prada shop. SA sad it’s from new collection. I am considering getting my first leather Prada bag and this one is on my mind. :graucho: Enjoy your gorgeous bag! Congrats. :yahoo:
  6. I was eying that one myself but purchased a tote instead. Looks lovely.
  7. I saw in IRL at SFA. It's okay, but those two "cup holders" on the side as I refer to them annoy me, and thought the inside was small, and don't consider myself a large bag gal.
    I saw this bag too in the black and talco and thought it was much prettier--just me.[​IMG]
  8. hmmmm........very interesting. The reason why I bought the bag is because I wanted something smaller than the bags I now have in order to walk around Vegas with all day and not feel the weight so much (both Miu Miu Coffers and the Prada Gauffres are pretty heavy). I HAVE to have outer pockets on all of my bags now (quick accessibility to cell phone, keys, etc) and I wanted the messenger style strap in order to keep my hands free (for pulling the arms on the slot machines). I thought that this bag would fit the bill perfectly. Guess I'll just have to wait and see when it gets here!! Thanks for the input Longchamp. ;)
  9. I saw it yesterday at Saks. It's very pretty and the leather is very soft and smooth. Great looking bag!
  10. Well here's an idea, wear that Prada bag messenger style so you can win more at the slots. Then you can get both!!! Yours is a lovely bag.
    BTW the bag I put with my post has a shoulder strap, it's just tucked inside.
  11. Congrats pics when you get it :smile:
    I just got the tote Longchamp posted :graucho:
  12. Thank you all for your posts. Well I just received the bag and absolutely LOVE it!! Perfect size, super soft leather and the style will be perfect for my trip!! I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance to take some!!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats miu2! I saw both the first one and the larger square version at our local Barneys. The SA and I were drooling over that smaller one. So classy! I'd get it if it were a little bigger. The bag is just too small for me and I was not fond of the square version. You have to know your own boundaries, lol.