anyone seen this in person?


    I wonder if it would have the same coloring...looks really subtle and i LOVE it...just not sure if it look like that in 'real life'!
  2. I havent seen it irl but it is soooo pretty online! I think I must have it. I am a tote kinda girl and those stripes are just gorgeous.
  3. i think i have seen it b4, but if you are considering buying it i would go see it in person first! good luck!
  4. I haven't yet but I will tomorrow if the store in KOP has it. I'll let you know!
  5. I would love to see that purse in person but I doubt my store will carry it.
  6. thanks! I live closer to an outlet than a get to see the 'old' stuff before buying, but not much of the new stuff...would love to know if it is just as stunning in person!
  7. I am going to order it in about an hour or so. I love this bag!!!
  8. oooh - i'm jealous!! please let me know what you think about coloring compared to the website!! Lots of pics too!
  9. I can't wait to get it. I will definitely post lots of pics. I have high hopes for it, just hope that it is all that I want it to be. I have to sell a few bags to afford that price tag. ;)
  10. It looks faded like the image is half transparent?? I don't like that about it.
  11. omg - I've never seen this style before - it's gorgeous! Totally going on my wishlist!! :smile:
  12. that "faded" look is actually what I love about it! It is canvas, so it has such a nice subtle striping...and the vachetta...yummy!!!
  13. It's pretty. I think I prefer the katy tote still cause it's brighter but I'd have to see it in person too!