anyone seen this Hype Minato IRL? Love the steel color

  1. [​IMG]

    I saw it on Bluefly for $231 :tup: I am curious about whether or not there are any inner pockets, or any other details you can give about the bag.
  2. I haven't seen it IRL but I can tell you that Hype bags are fantastic! I don't know if you have any but they really are great! Good luck with your search and that bag is great!
  3. None yet, but all the talk on here has gotten me excited about them :lol:
  4. No idea but it's a cute bag and the price isn't that bad either.
  5. Oh yeah I would suggest to anyone to get a Hype bag. I only have one (so far!!) and I get so many compliments. The leather is amazing!
  6. I ordered a Hype bag that I sent back. Only because it was too big for me. But I definitely think Hype bags are great for the price. That bag you posted is really pretty and I love the color. Let us know if you get it and post lots of pics!
  7. I have 2 hype bag and always get tons of compliments!!! Love them..
  8. I am a fool, a fool! They no longer have it, and now searching Froogle the only search result I get is for the wallet on Bluefly. GAh! Me and my indecisiveness. Hope it pops up somewhere again soon.