Anyone seen this Guccissima wristlet w/ bow?

  1. I saw this cute little wristlet with bow in ivory Guccissima leather at the Maui store but want it in a dark color. Maui SA said they don't have it any other color.

    Has anyone seen it in the US or Canada in other colors, like black or brown leather? The Japanese Gucci site seems to list a few different colors but there were no photos and I don't read Japanese. :confused1:

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. i thought i saw it in dark brown

    i have a hard time believeing that they made white but no other colors! i would call aorund if i were u!!
  3. Thanks luved. I assume they made it in different colors too but don't know if they are available in North America. On the US site, they show only the beige monogram.
  4. so cute !!!
    I am sorry I am not much of a help ... I even want to know how much was it ? :p
  5. It comes in both the dark brown and black guccissima leather too. I got the dark brown one when I was in Rome. It costed 280 Euros.
  6. cesca -- I think it was US$455 but I'm very bad at remembering numbers. :p

    613 -- thanks for confirming they have brown and black. I want the black -- would be great as a clutch for dinners out. Lucky you for snagging it in Rome. 280 Euros is around CDN$400 -- what a great price. :tup:
  7. thx bunch cornetto ...
  8. I'm bumping this up to see if anyone has seen this wristlet in black (or brown) at their local Gucci boutique. I called the Beverly Center and South Coast Plaza boutiques and both said they don't have black in the "entire company". Does that mean all of the US stores? Some of you who already replied (thanks!) said you might've seen it in black -- but which store? If you could pass on the store location and possibly SA, that would be so helpful. :smile:

    The other challenge is that I live in Canada and will be visiting southern California in a couple of weeks. If there is a black one somewhere in the U S of A, I'm hoping to have it transferred to the SCP store.

    Sorry that I'm so obsessed with this wristlet but I really :heart: it in black! It's definitely available in Europe and Japan.

    Thanks in advance!
  9. You can also try calling Saks or Neiman's to see if they have/had it.