Anyone Seen This Chanel?????

  1. Anyone else seen a Chanel Patent Leather Ritz bag,in white?? I have seen one on eBay& fell in LOVE!!! :drool: The darn thing went real fast. $2200 on a best offer. :sad: Now I am on the hunt for one. It was soooo nice and would have been perfect w/ spring on the way. Also,does it come in any other colors?? Appreciate all the help from all the fine ladies on tPF. Thanks. :yes:
  2. The Ritz are sooooooooooo hard to come by (2006 season), I'm still looking for a black patent one:sad: w/no luck, they also came out in lambskin leather (black,grey, navy)...G/L in your search:smile:
  3. OMG. They made a black one too. Wow!! If I find one,I'll let ya know. I better stick to the white one. It looked so pretty. :drool: Thanks for the info. It will help. :smile: