Anyone seen this bag?

  1. [​IMG]

    It's simply gorgeous!

    Have you checked NAP, Luisviaroma, or Neiman Marcus? They all ship internationally... There's also Holts,, and I didn't look personally, but maybe one of those sites have it. The latter are all international stores located in Canada and UK. Marc Jacobs boutiques will probably ship internationally as well if you can find one near you. There are several located throughout the world.
  2. Thanks Thithi, but I've got no luck with the websites. What is the Holts website by the way? I tried but got a cigar company instead..

    You ladies in the states are so lucky in terms of shopping! I couldn't get what I wanted during some of the sales as they don't ship overseas. :sad:
  3. Nordstrom definitely ships internationally, all you have to do is call!
    Good luck!
  4. They do? They mentioned that they don't on their website. Thank you Joke. May I find out how the process of ordering and shipping went for you? Did they accept Visa? I heard on another forum that there are some stores that would accept only Amex..

    Thanks again!
  5. ^ Nordstrom accepts all major credit cards. :yes: Neiman Marcus is the pain in the a$$ that only accepts Amex.
  6. Thanks Melly!