Anyone seen this bag?

  1. As you may know I am fond of the mini bags and was wondering if anyone has seen this gaucho online anywhere.

    I don't have a dior store in my state so I normally have to purchase online or do a phone order from another state. It is still on the dior website so they may or may not have it in stock, I haven't called yet.

    dior mini natural.jpg
  2. i haven't seen it online but i am constantly seeing it in stores, though not in the mini-size. i think it's pretty readily available considering i've seen it in manchester/london, paris and singapore. if i remember correctly, you're located in australia yup? if oz doesn't have it, i'll be more than happy to refer you to my SA in singapore to enquire if they could send it over to the australian branch.
  3. That's good to hear, I noticed it was still up on the dior site.

    My SA is going to call in a few days to follow up on the ethnic they have sent so I will ask her about it.

    I think we are fairly limited with what we get here :sad: so if I have no luck I will definitely let you know, thanks for that :smile:

  4. believe me, comparing to Ireland you have plenty..honestly Dior here is the size of my bathroom...:nogood:
  5. :roflmfao: That's funny, no it's not :noggin:

  6. and i am NOT joking girlie, im dead serious :crybaby: plus my fave SA left ....*throws a tantrum*
  7. You are so cute :p