Anyone seen this at the outlets

  1. I could kick myself for not getting this in spring, has anyone seen it in your outlet travels:

    Spring '07 Patchwork Satchel in brown. $458. Style #10816
  2. No, sorry. They have the lighter gold metallics patchwork there now and a few left of the burgundy fall patchworks as of a week and a half ago.

    BTW LOVE your screen name and avatar! I love star trek:nuts:
  3. If this is the bag that you are referring to, there were two left on clearance at the Burlington outlets in Washington as of two weeks ago (although I didn't look at the price).Are you anywhere near there?

    Edit: Oops! Just saw you were in California. Maybe try giving your outlets a call.
  4. yes I saw one at the petaluma outlet.
  5. Oh thanks girls, h*ll I called the Vacaville outlet and they do not have any. I'd buy one on eBay (there are several lsited) but I just don't trust it.

    Petaluma ? hum...thats a little drive, I live in Sacramento, I wonder if they would ship me one ! ?? anyone know if any outlets mail out bags ?

    lorenzo94580 you have great taste !
  6. I've heard from others on this forum that the outlets will ship out bags but that you have to pay the full price of the bag, not the outlet price.

  7. Well that's BS, they ought to be glad to sell the bag and just charge you the cost of shipping. If they don't sell the bags they take a loss and resell them to a liquidator. Obviously it was not a knock um dead seller or it wouldn't be at outlet...geez...
  8. they shipped me mine...but i paid in the store when they ordered from another one..
  9. It does seem like a rip.:cursing:
  10. I saw some smaller bags in this patchwork at Macy's on sale a couple weeks ago - maybe see if they can locate one for you?

    Good luck!