Anyone seen these two bags? (pics inside)

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  1. chanel1.JPG

    I love them! Wondering if they are as gorgeous in person... if anyone knows the prices, that would be great, too.
  2. I think the second one is 895. Not sure if prices have gone up though.
  3. Thanks, mas2388! Do you know if it comes in other colors?

    Thanks, you're one of our resident Chanel experts. ;)
  4. the clutch came in quite a few colors: black, white, a dusty blue, gorgeous plum/violet, and a smoke grey.
  5. Jennifer, thank you! Sorry I missed thanking you before for your reply... I didn't refresh the page and see it. The dusty blue and smoke grey sound to die for!!! I'll have to go fondle one at Chanel when I get off of work tomorrow....
  6. np, intlset!
    btw, the colors i listed are for the caviar clutch. i don't know if the lambskin clutch like the pic you posted comes in all the same colors.
    good luck with your search!
  7. I have the clutch you posted in black caviar. I love it! My SA said the blue is beautiful too.
  8. I think the first 1 is abt US$1995, A32337 Y02419..Pleated flap bag in supple lambskin.
  9. FIrst Chanel is TDF! It looks buttery soft. I can't wait to get my hands on this one. I am on a purse ban till tomorrow, so let's see what damages I make tomorrow. haha.

    dleesy: Do you know what colors they come in? I hope there is a coral~!
  10. I'm not sure..i think it is light pink or black (frm catalogue)
  11. Let me know if you find the clutch. I figured they are sold out because they are going for a big premium on ebay.
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  13. Yes, I've seen several of those (clutch) on e-bay ranging from 1100-1600 so it's retail 895?
  14. Wow that first one is beautiful! Does anyone know how much it is retail and if it's in the shops yet? We dont have a Chanel boutique here :cry: