Anyone seen these shoes?

  1. The Katelyn Sneakers Q170 black/black. Have you seen these shoes anywhere besides the Coach stores? I believe it retails 108. Just wondering if the department stores or any other stores have them and are selling them cheaper than retail. I know these are old so they might. Anyway thanks for any info!
  2. I am looking for that shoes too.. :smile::nuts:
    I heard from someone on this forum saying it was on sale a month ago for $40 something.. its probably out now :confused1:
  3. are you serious! that sucks! do you know which store it was? i can't believe i missed that.
  4. yeah.. Coachfanatic said that Katelyn shoes all colors were on sale $48.. she bought some in the coach boutique in Ceasar palace's forum shop.. but that was during or before thanksgiving
  5. ooh yeah i remember that. shucks! i was in vegas around that time too!
  6. Yea, these were on sale in the boutiques already. I would suggest calling a Coach boutique and asking them to check the system nationwide. Otherwise, you could look at a Department store, but I haven't seen them in Macy's since friends and family.
  7. yeah i remember that. I just did a search on here and read the posts. Do you guys think they would give me the sale price if they even have any in stock? I'll be calling tomorrow morning. I hope they have good news for me. :sweatdrop:
  8. hey.. let me know too pretty PLEASE :flowers::girlsigh:
  9. I just saw them at macys... full price though. :sad: I was disappointed, because I wanted them!
  10. I'm not sure what part of the country you are in, but I saw them in Dillards last weekend. They were the black/white color combo & I think they were full price. I was trying on the Jilly flats (which I also had to pay full price for!:push:smile: & noticed another girl trying on the Katelyns. Nice looking shoe! If I hadn't been looking for a shoe I could wear to work, I'd have been tempted!:graucho:
  11. There are many pairs of varying sizes all over eBay as well. Just an idea!
  12. I got a a pair of the Katelyn sneakers last week (black/black color combo) from my local Coach store. When I picked up the shoes, an SA mentioned that they were probably one of the last pairs left in the country. Try calling Coach Customer Service to see if they can locate the Katelyn sneaker for you. Nordstrom's also carries the Katelyn sneakers but they're priced at $108 though and I don't recall seeing the black/black color combo though.
  13. Bad news. It's not available to order at the Coach stores. They said the ones that are coming out are the new spring colors and not the one i want (black/black). I was on hold for a very long time, and was getting so impatient but I kept my cool hehe. The SA told me they probably might come out next winter. I think I might have to go to e-bay. But I hate buying shoes before seeing them in person. Or I'll just wait til next winter.
  14. I bought four pairs before Thanksgiving in Vegas (Caesar's Forum Shop boutique). The Fashion Show Mall boutique also had them. $48!!! I got a pair for me and for each of my three daughters for Christmas.
  15. could you let me know if the size is the same compared to other brands?
    How does the black look IRL? I am watching one on eBay in black/black right now.. thanks :flowers: