anyone seen these or have them?

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  1. Anyone has these killer 12 cm heels or seen them? Where can I get them? They are TDF, wonder if I can walk in these diors :graucho:.

    If you have it pls show model pics, eternally grateful!
    SHOES.jpg LOVELY.jpg
  2. yup i have them and i absolutely :heart: them ! and so does my bf hihi :graucho: they`re current collection so they should be available in boutiques i know they are in Dublin anyway i paid 520 euro for them . Hope that helps :yes:
  3. wow!!! they look so sexy on you :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:. HOT! You must be the shoe expert here!~lovely collection.

    Going to get them today, hopefully they still have my size left. Been on purse ban for 7 months now and I guess this is breaking a ban :graucho:

    thanks to both of you pointing me to the right pictures and I cant stop :drool:

  4. thank you hon ! yes i love my collection and it IS getting bigger ! :graucho:;) phew you`re on a PURSE ban u can get as many pairs of shoes as you want !!! :graucho:
  5. ^^ heh, jeslyn, i forgot to mention that nat is an absolute shoes enabler! (and a purse enabler too, of course) ;) :P
  6. i have died and gone to heaven...

  7. i learnt from a master !!! ( u know what i mean zero...:graucho: )

  8. have you seen the python version ? :graucho:
  9. THESE ARE ON SALE AT SF dior !! at 40% off I think, I was just in awe of the sale items(pretty much like the Hawaii one some tpfer kindly posted) and shoe selection, alot of the spring shoes are on sale, the python pump, dior lovely series shoes and that TDF black leather the pictures above show.

    They also have very limitted accesories on sale too, such as earrings searhose bracelet and wallets and belts.

  10. ON SALE ! ? :crybaby::drool: i seriously need to move to States...:cursing: