Anyone seen these charms scarves?

  1. OMG ! These are soooo cute, I've never seen these before !
  2. Never seen it, but they are cute! They do look VERY delicate.
  3. oh if i wasnt saving up for a speedy mini lin i wouldve bought those already!! theyre soooooo cute!!!:nuts:
  4. :nuts: It's so pretty! I LOVE the charm details!
  5. They look a little cheapy plasticy to me but may look better in person .. just my first take.
  6. WOW! I want one!
  7. That's gorgeous! Unfortunately, if I bought something as delicate as that my dogs or cats would have a field day with it. :sad:
  8. I've never seen them but that's adorable.
  9. Pretty! But I would be too scared to use looks like the plastic things can be caught on something easily.
  10. I have never seen that, but I like how it looks.
  11. I've seen them they are adorable.
  12. Wow so cute, great find. never seen this before.
  13. I saw that in the look book...cute, but very fragile looking... my kids would pull those charms right off
  14. cute! but i think i would ripoff one of those charms in a minute flat..