Anyone seen these at the outlets?

  1. Specifically CA or Las Vegas outlets.

    Signature Heart Cellphone Lanyard (92208)

    Or Brown Signature Zip Around Wallte (6K12)

    Any info will help. Thanks!
    92208SigHeartCell28.jpg 883f_1.jpg
  2. i work at an outlet in socal, and we have not seen either yet. maybe with shipments next week? i don't know...
  3. Coachislove, when do you guys get new shipments? And what time during the day?
  4. Coachislove... have you seen any of the legacy bags that have been showing up in the outlets in the rose color? I would really love the legacy shoulderbag in the rose... it's item number #10328! :girlsigh:
  5. i just ordered that cell charm at PCE and it was shipped to me from a store, not JAX, so there may not be that many left.
  6. Do you know anything about the Camarillo Outlet... I am planning on going there since I think that is the closest one to Downtown Los Angeles... Any info would be great...