Anyone seen the woven leather hobo in coco cola colored leather IRL?

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  1. Hello all,

    This is my first post to the miu miu forum, I bought an Intreccio Woven leather Hobo at last night, but I'm not sure about the color. It is called "coco cola", and it looks to be a metallic pink/purple color:

    Has anyone seen this bag/color in real life? Can you describe it in more detail? I'm trying to decide if I should keep the bag or cancel it.

    I have a pair of the Miu Miu sequin pumps, and the color on the inside of the shoe looks like it might be the same, but I'm not sure. These are the shoes, but the leather on the inside definitely looks darker in real life.

    If anyone knows, please confirm! Many thanks!
  2. I have the MM Woven Hobo in Graphite color. I really like it! The metallic color is beautiful and different. I think your color is a good choice too.