Anyone Seen The Turquoise for 2008?

  1. :confused1:I was wondering if anyone has seen or has a photo of the turquoise yet? The search function is off and the color swatches from Balenciaga are so horrible. I am waiting to see it so I can make my decision, am also considering vert tyme and maybe the magenta, too many choices and too litte $$$$ :crybaby:
    Thank you
  2. I`d like to know too...
  3. The lighting isn't so great, but here's a picture hgbags posted of a Turquoise Part-Time.

    turquoise pt.jpg
  4. Pluiee mentioned here the shade is like her cardigan she wore in the pictures she posted.
  5. Ooooh! I can't wait! I hope it is amazing IRL:nuts:
    It's sooo hard to choose a blue Bbag....
  6.'s so pretty!!
  7. Can't wait :drool:
  8. I hope it's as gorgeous as the 05! Can't wait to see IRL ;)
  9. Wow! I hope that it looks more like Pluiee's sweater than the first picture. Both are lovely, but I prefer the darker turquoise, reminds me of 2005 turq!
  10. I think it looks like the lighting is washing it out a little bit in the PT photo. I suspect it does look a lot like Pluiee's cardigan.
  11. if it looks like her cardigan,
    i'm dreaming of it with GIANT GOLD HARDWARE tonight!
  12. Either one; Hgbags' pic or Pluiee's cardie, both colours are so pretty!
    Can't wait! :nuts:
  13. Oh I am so hoping it is the color of her cardigan! This will be my first venture into anything blue. What model? I was contemplating vert tyme and dark magenta but as I already have vert gazon and magenta 05 days, I think I may pass and go for the turquoise.... I hope it is a really bold turquoise. I had an acquamarine last summer but it found a new home, I wasnt thrilled with the color.
  14. I would love a turquoise Balenciaga!
  15. Ooo, I missed this pic! It's lovely! Still holding out for EB though. Argh, it is too hard to make a decision with so many colors!