Anyone seen the Square Vintate Tote in Black at Neiman Marcus?

  1. My NM SA told me there are 4 in the NM system, but the other SAs all refused to transfer the bag to my Neimans. Any help would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!
  2. when i went for a visit, there was a black square vintage tote back in september at the NM in tysons corner, VA...
    i haven't been back since so i don't know if it's still there, but the SA that helped me was farah. she was very polite and efficient with none of the attitude that some SAs have.
  3. Mine had the E/W one last time I was there. . . sounds weird that they refuse to send them, is that really possible?

  4. Jennifer- isnt FARAH a doll. I usally deal with MARYLYNN... Have you managed to bump into COURTNEY....HE is a piece of work.. but oh so sweet.
  5. Hi Swanky-
    I'm looking for the N/S one. My SA explained that the other SAs often don't transfer because they want to sell the items themselves, especially for something more rare like Chanel. They are not supposed to refuse to transfer, but apparently it happens often. I asked him to give me the names of those SAs, but since he's fairly new, he didn't want to get them into trouble.

    Has anyone have any experience like this?
  6. Oooh, no never!!

    If Shannon finds a bag in the computer and I want it, she gets it!
    MAybe call a different SA. . . one that's a little more asertive!:yes:
  7. I'm the same way. I never take "NO" for an answer. I need the bag for a customer, I get it.
  8. Try the Saks in Chevy Chase MD, I saw one about 2 weeks ago. Ask for John, he is the chanel manager. 240-497-5358
  9. Yes, this goes on. My NM SA had to pester and finally get the manager involved in order to transfer my black n/s vintage tote. She could barely believe that there was even one available, and kept telling me that I was very lucky to get one. The other store gave her the line that "we have it on hold for someone", and did not want to transfer it. I just got it last week and I love it! I hope that you can get a hold of one for yourself! I had pretty much given up (because all the other SA's that I had tried told me that there aren't any left), and then got a phone call a couple of weeks later saying that it was on its way. My advice is to try to find an SA with some more experience, someone who is willing to stay on top of it. Good luck!
  10. It happens all the time at Neimans. Usually you have to get a manager involved.
    It's beyond everyone involved. Too bad they didn't have a different way to go about getting something.
  11. yeah, i hate to say it...some NM stores are funny about letting go of their merchandise...especially if it is a hot item..they act like the merchandise is store owned as opposed to company owned...totally frustrating