Anyone seen the Spice Girls yet?

  1. Anyone seen them yet?? I'm going Sunday and I'm psyched!!! Anyone know how long their show runs???

    I'm dragging my mom along for the ride...there was no way I was asking a guy friend to go along, lol!
  2. i have, twice actually! we went to the second show in london and it was great so we come home and booked manchester tickets! the manchester one was AMAZING!!!! SOOoooo good! its better the closer you sit, as we discovered in manchester however its definately worth every penny you spend! its great! ENJOY Im sooooooooo jelous!
  3. I went to the one in December at San Jose, CA.

    WONDERFUL concert! it is most definitely worth the money. lasts about 2 hours, maybe a little less.
  4. I saw it in LA... they started 45 minutes late!! I know that they did that at both shows in LA (not sure if they did that in other cities too)... umm the show is about 2 hours and it is absolutely AMAZING!!! You are going to have a blast!! Look at their amazing outfits!!!

    I'm jealous of you!! I'd wanna go again and again!
  5. I'm going next Wednesday night! :jrs: I'm so excited, and yes, I'm dragging SO with me. The best part is, somehow I convinced him to sport matching "spice" tees with me! :devil: I'm also so relieved I'll get to see them before they end their tour.
  6. WOOHOOO I'm seeing them next Friday in chicago...and dragging poor DH along!!!! I cannot wait!!!!
  7. Saw the Saturday night show in London...They had their whole families there, kids and all and Becks snuck in right after the lights went out, we all still went MAD!:yahoo:

    It was fantastic! I'd go again in a heartbeat!:yes::tup:
  8. is anyone going to miss out with them cancelling shows? last one is going to be 26th
  9. I saw one of their Vegas shows while on vacation and they started late too! This really upset me because we were running behind schedule, so we had to scarf down dinner, skip out on dessert, and practically ran through the Mandalay Bay hotel to get to the 8pm show...only to sit there for 45 minutes waiting for it to start :cursing:
  10. I saw them on Thursday at Nassau Coliseum!!!!! It was FAB but too short IMO. They started 1 hr late (I think it's intentional) and ended in 1 1/2 hours. Why didn't Posh have her own solo?? She just walked the the runway with a black cape.
  11. Huh....starting late will not go over well with DH. And they don't have an opening act, right?
  12. Just wondering, what BAGS did you all bring to the concert? :graucho::nuts:
  13. I went yesterday and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! They started about 30 minutes late but I didn't really mind it. Like one of the posters, I was also wondering how come Victoria didn't have her solo? I did love her going down that runway though!!! That hair flip was so hot! LOL

    Little Cruz was break-dancing and then doing flips! LOL That was sooo cute! All of the kids were so cute on stage!

    Those people that went - did you see a lot of younger kids dressing up as Spice Girls for the concert??? I honestly didn't expect that! There were kids wearing high heels and short skirts! They all seemed to have a great time though!

    Oh, and I dragged my SO with me and he loved the show as well (even though he's not a fan of the Spice Girls at all).

    P.S. I was originally going to the show on Feb 13th but when they announced that they were perfirming at a venue closer to where I live, I sold those tickets and bought the ones for Feb 18th. AND SO GLAD I DID! Feb 13th was the day of one of the worst snow/ice storms we've had so far this winter and there was no way I could have made it to the concert (the drive to that venue was about 2 hours with no traffic).
  14. I didn't dare to bring a nice bag with me. I grabbed one of the oldest bags I had because I knew I'd have to put it on the floor, have people bump into me, etc.
  15. ^^ I figured that too. I actually saw quite a few younguns toting around random LVs.. oh, and tons of gucci. I'm so jealous you got to see the brothers Beckham! lol