Anyone seen the sharpey flap in black??

  1. I want it!! I may be too late but if any of you know where one is hiding please let me know. :heart: sheana
  2. The Sharpei flap -like Larkie's but in black? , if so.. that's a Chanel boutique only, maybe a very few are left call Chanel to have them check for you, I had to return mine becasue it looked like it was someone else's return (no tags attached, a bit worn on the cornest etc..)it came from Boston store, I could not find a good luck, make sure you'll get a new one:graucho:
  3. thanks ladies!
  4. Charlotte NM 704-442-7900.
  5. My store had it last time I was there (last week?) but I'm in Canada.
  6. call jillian at PALM BEACH GARDENS,fla CHANEL STORE...she got me mine!!!
  7. Call Rita at the NM Scottsdale. I saw one over there.
  8. I tried Bergdorf' luck! Charlotte NM phone not working. I think I will try to stop by Palm Beach Gardens tomorrow and then that's all I can do I guess. Thanks for the phone numbers girls, I really appreciate it!!
  9. You might want to try CC boutique in San Fran ((Deborah 415-981-1550)). I thought the flap on is limited to CC boutique only.

    Good luck.
  10. I called chanel 800 number last night and they have someone getting back to me about the department stores ever getting this bag.
  11. Sheanabelle, did you call NM Scottsdale? Rita, my SA, will do whatever in her power to help you get one.
  12. is this thread for the $2195 sharpey flap? or the $1895 sharpey flap
  13. Nordstrom MOA has one in stock right now.
  14. the same on you had in your thread? the $1895 one?