Anyone Seen the Ostrich RG IRL???

  1. I am looikng into ordering the Ostrich Rive Gauche (if I can actually get my hands on one) but I would like to know if it is as beautiful in real life...anyone actually seen and felt it??? Thank you for your help!!
  2. ^^^That's the same person!
  3. Thanks! I was too late for the eBay auction...someone beat me to it! I will keep looking! Thank you!!!!!:yes:
  4. I saw it at the 57th street boutique in NY. It's very beautiful.
  5. I am happy to hear it is as pretty irl as it is in photos...thank you! I will keep searching for one!
  6. i got it in the natural and it's really pretty, but the "bald" spots in the corners kinda bug me. i've been told they all look this but i can't imagine why. does anyone else find it weird or is it just me?


  7. OMG! Your bag is gorgeous! It's a numer 1 on my wish list.
  8. I would give anything to have this is GORGROUS!!!! Wear it all of the time and enjoy it for the way, where did you find it???
  9. That bag is so pretty good luck - with your search!
  10. I love it in the "jungle" color....what a bag.... TDF