Anyone seen the new MJ cruise line?

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  1. I saw a few bags from the new Marc Jacobs cruise line when I was in Bergdorf's this week. The ones I saw at Bergdorf's were boxy totes with either sky blue or natural leather trim on silvered canvas. They sort of have a belt about 3/4 of the way up the bag and then a single strap. The MJ label on the front reminds me a bit of the new LV line (hmmmmm....think they have ANYTHING at all to do with each other?). I thought the combination of silvered canvas and natural leather was very beachy and fun.

    Anyone else seen them? Oh, and they are well priced -- like in the $500 to $600 range. Well priced for....oh, you know what I mean!

    There's a picture of an MJ cruise bag on the site but I couldn't figure how to post it here. Their bag isn't as nice as the ones I saw at Bergdorf's and its an ivory-ish leather which I don't think contrasts with the silvered canvas very well.

    Anyone seen these yet?
  2. ooo hvaen't seen them until now. Will go check that Barney's link! I soooo wish we had that dept store here! We don't even have a regular Saks :sad: Just an Off 5th!`
  3. If the gold quilted Venetia doesn't go on sale as my SA thinks it might, I may find myself buying the MJ instead. If I do, I'll post a photo. WARNING: The Barneys one isn't as nice as the one at Bergdorfs.