Anyone seen the new Juicy Couture bag that looks like a Goyard?

  1. I saw it in an advertisement in January 2008 Bazaar magazine. It's brown w/ red, white, & blue stripes in the middle - designed just like a Goyard. Anyone seen it? Anyone know if it's available yet? Anyone know where to buy?
  2. No, I haven't seen it but I would be very interested at the least since I have just discovered Goyard lately.
  3. Oooooooooh, I want to see iiiiiiit!
  4. Sorry this is the best I could do right now. I'm at work and all I have is my camera phone in bad lighting, lol. The bag is really cute though. I'd love to see it in person and see if they have more colors. :tup:
  5. Kinda reminds me of some LAMB designs, too....?
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Yea I could see that . . . probably why I like it, LOL.

  8. YES, THAT'S IT! I'm going to email Juicy Couture and ask them about it.
  9. Now that I've seen it, I'm not a huge fan.
  10. LAMB is infinately nicer than Juicy Couture, this coming from a MANAGER of A Juicy store.
  11. I saw it at the Juicy store in Tysons Corner Galleria last night. It was very seemed very overpriced to me though.
  12. I think most Juicy stuff is totally overpriced. Especially seeing as they have hardly any resale value.
  13. Yeah I thought you guys were kidding and this actually was a LAMB bag.

    Nice is subjective. I think Juicy is infinitely nicer than LAMB. One does not have to be a manager of any store to have a preference, sense of style, or taste.

  14. How much did u see it for? I'm SURE it was over $300...
  15. Interesting. I see nothing Juicy-esque about that bag. They heading in a different direction?