Anyone seen the new Diamond CERAMIC Michele Watch?

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  1. So I have been contemplating purchasing the white michele ceramic watch with diamond bezel but couldnt figure out if it was really me. I love the which but it might be too much for me?

    So I was browsing their site today and saw this!!

    I looove it and actually took the plunge and ordered it! :yahoo:

    I currently have the mini urban with diamonds but dont like how it doesnt show the date! This one does and has just the perfect touch of ceramic to fill my cravings.

    What do you all think?!

  2. I like it! I wonder how big it is?
  3. Ill be sure to take a modeling pic when I get it :smile:

  4. It says the case size is 36 mm so I dont think it will be too big?

    Hopefully not since I dont want a huge watch! :nuts:
  5. I like it, a lot!! I like Michele watches and I am always thinking of buying one but then I see Cartier and can never make up my mind...will have to get both! lol
  6. ^^^I just cant get past spending over 2k on a watch. Although I have no problem dropping 3500 on a bag! LOL

    I just love the look of the michele watches and the one I have now has been nothing but great. Get compliments on it all the time too!
  7. beautiful Congrats!!
  8. Beautiful watch!!!!
  9. #9 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    The FedEx guy just came with my watch!

    Thought I would update with pics if anyone was wondering.

    I love love love this watch but sadly it needs several links taken out so I cant wear it right away! :sad:

    Anyway, here it is! I think the pics actually make it look a little larger than it really is but I think its a perfect size for me!


    BTW - Can I just take it anywhere to get it resized?
  10. OMG!!!! i absolutely love your watch!!!! congrats:happydance: what a great buy!!! i own 2 michele's and you can take them to any "trustworthy" place to get them resized.
  11. Lovely...congrats
  12. I am not sure, but I think it would be best to take it to Neiman's, Saks, or Nordies to get it sized.
  13. Oooh I'm not a watch person but I really like this style. It's not too chunky and it's a perfect combination of colors. Love it!
  14. I like it a lot!
  15. I love it!! What size is the band. I have a Michele and wonder if they sell just the band with the ceramic... My bands are 18's...