Anyone seen the new beige-y metallic for spring?

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  1. Hi I'm new to Coach (damn my best friend for getting me hooked!). I went with her the other day to the boutique and there was the prettiest leather bag in a metallic-y beige color. They said they just got it in last week. I didn't see it on the website either. Anyone seen this yet or is it just in the Seattle area?

    I might have to have it for spring!
  2. Those are the madison "silver" items, they have the sabrina, a large and small shoulder hobo and some smaller acessories and wallet out... if you go to, you'll find them under "silver", even tho, it looks more like champagne with a touch of shimmer, but coach is known for names like "parchment"- which would be white in my language :smile:
    Here's a link to the madison shoulder bag:

    And to the sabrina in the same "silver" metallic color. It's leather but feels like suede.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. The links above will show you the rosegold color, but just change the color selection and you'll see the "silver" color, which really doesn't look silver at all. I picked up a few accessories a few days ago in the silver and a few of the ladies here have the bags.

  4. I saw this bag IRL and it's the softest prettiest sparkly champagne color - I have no clue why Coach would call it silver but then their colors often make no sense;) This bag is super soft too.
  5. Thanks! I looked up the wrong color on the website so it didn't come up. In no way does it look silver to me, but whatever.

    It's still sooooo pretty!
  6. I purchased the Sabrina in this color only to get her home and realize it didn't go very well with anything unless I was going to a Disco :lol: It's pretty but to me it's a color that is only for certian outfits and wouldn't get much use. It's not Silver at all by the way ...for sure Champagne - Sparkle! I ended up returning her.
  7. Anyone know if they will be putting out some heels in this color as well? I know the majority of the shoes are department store exclusives so they wouldn't be online . . .