Anyone seen the new bag: duoparis

  1. Has anyone seen the new bag: duoparis?
    Photos anyone?
  2. Sorry no photos...I have only seen it in stores, I hope they will place some ads, or promote it in mags. it is very cute, and has a kind of "drawstring/hook" closure and a "firm" oval bottom.
  3. Thanks. Do you remember which stores? I'd like to call and ask about this purse.
  4. ^^^nyc.
  5. Thank you!
  6. There were two on display in San Francisco--one on the shelf inside, and one in the window. I can't remember the colors, maybe a pink and a blue? Someone else from SF must know . . .
  7. They definitely have a red one in SF...saw it last weekend. It's really cute...they had a Bolduc Twilly on the handle. :heart:
  8. ^^Looks like "The Store with Nothing" is finally turning around, lol!
  9. heehee! Yeah they've actually had the red one for quite a while. And they have some of the new canvas bags. We are moving up in the world! :roflmfao:
  10. Thank you. I called N.Y.C. They had one left in epsom. Anyone know if they come in other leathers? I don't like epsom.
  11. Not sure but I'll ask tomorrow! I *think* the one in SF wasn't epsom but I'm not sure.
  12. Interesting, yes dying to see pics as well!