Anyone seen the nebbia/ombre bags?

  1. I love the shape of the nebbia intrecciato bag on pg46 of the catalogue, the one shown in camel. Has anyone seen this bag IRL, and what do you think of the shading? I would love this bag in carmine. Thanks!
  2. OB, I'm planning to visit the BV and Hermes boutiques on Wednesday, so I'll see if BV has that bag, okay!
  3. Thanks, 24! I'd appreciate your opinion; I know you're not a fan of carmine but I'm interested to see if the ombre changes the tone of the red. I'll be in Las Vegas next weekend, so hopefully I will see it for myself at BV. I have a laundry list of bags, accessories, and colors I need to try on, and I have every intention of using my bonus check to come home with some BV loot (and maybe some hermes too!). I love the shape of this bag but not 100% sure about the shading. I really don't like it with the camel, makes it look dirty; but with carmine, it looks pretty, very unique.
  4. OB, I'm wondering if it was just the lighting that day I visited the Carmel boutique. I'd love to take another look at Carmine in person. I totally agree with you about ombre camel. I bet in Carmine it would be stunning! The Vegas store is wonderful, BTW, if you haven't been there already. Have fun!
  5. Vegas is where I got my first BV...can't wait to go back!