Anyone Seen the Nappa Fiocco Line?

  1. Wish I could have takens some pics! I was in Prada today and saw these adorbale little clutches and the tote -- LOVE them!

    Now I'm not a clutch person but it comes with a strap to wear cross-body and it's so just sooooo cool looking to me! It's the small, nappa clutch with the nappa bow that you can wear on your hand kind of like a corsage, but it also has a strap and I just LOVE it! I can just as easily picture it (cross body) with jeans as I can with a dressy evening ensemble. It's $840.00

    Then there is the tote! It's $990.00 and just adorable, not big but not small either! It's hand held and has the nappa bow on the front and it's just really cute!

    On both the clutch and satchel, the bow comes in a few different colors including hot pink and green or just black.

    I'm thinking on it........
  2. There were some pictures posted of those bags several months ago. I can't recall who or when though. If I can make my brain work, I'll see if I can find it. They were runway shots so it may have been during Fashion Week.
  3. I forgot to say too that I just can't believe Prada makes a tote in nappa for just under $1,000.00! I really liked it!

    PradaPsycho, thanks! I vaguely recall seeing the pic of the clutch too -- didn't like it in the pic but LOVED IRL!!
  4. Yep, that's it...the clutch with the BOW! "Fiocco" is Italian for BOW. The little clutch is fab! Now if i could find a pic of the tote... another fab!

    Thanks Sherylin!
  5. I saw those Minette and liked the looks of them too but I'm not a clutch gal at all .... good luck thinking ..........
  6. Oooo! I love this bow clutch, and I have been waiting for it! So glad it's out!
  7. Jen, I know what you mean -- I'm not a clutch gal either! And if I wore it as a clutch, I'd feel silly, unless if I put a heavy rock in it and carried it as a weapon! But once you hook the strap on it ooooo La La!
  8. any sightings? i really want one!