Anyone Seen The Milton Messenger Bag??

  1. I have just received the spring summer Mulberry cat 08

    Having a Look through and spotted a bag that I loved

    Throught I would maybe get it for this spring/summer

    Looked in the price guide and the Milton Flat Messenger bag

    In emerald is........ £6995.........Guess I won`t be buying this then!!!
  2. Do you mean £695 before i have a heart attack!!!!!???:wtf:
  3. Nope I mean 6 thousand and 995 pounds :tdown::tdown:
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I haven't seen the catalogue- is it emerald encrusted or something?????????
  5. It's emerald alligator! It is TDF....but it's not worth the price of a small car!!
  6. My god- someone better pick my jaw up off the floor!!!!!!
  7. Its a lovely bag, large Green Messenger with Gold Detail ( must be 24 carot!!)

    I think Its made out of Alligator??(oh yuk!!)

    It looks a great bag and so it may for nearly 7 thousand pounds !!!
  8. Gosh if they keep this up I will be lucky if I can afford a keyring in a couple of years time :wtf:
  9. Who would buy a 7K messenger bag?
    Is it on their website, is there a normal version too?
  10. No its not online just looked,thats the thing with Mulberry they do not display the whole collection together and you can miss lots and not realise it!!!
  11. You know what ladies...there is always someone with that kind of money. If you are a movie star and earn 25 million dollars to make one film, you can afford a 7000 pound handbag, no sweat. It's all relative.

    It is not OUR reality; but it is someone else's reality.
  12. They also do it in leather. The turquoise one is £750 which is still hefty for a messenger. Lovely colour though.
  13. Has anyone seen a pic online of the turqoise one? It sounds fab!
  14. The turquoise one is a bit bigger I think; it's in the catalogue (which is really just a cardboard fold-out thing) listed as a "Milton large hobo in Marine" whereas the other one is a "Milton flat messenger in Emerald Alligator".

    They look pretty much identical though!
  15. My birthstone is emerald, so I'll def buy that bag!:rolleyes::lol::lol: