Anyone seen the MFF Carly?

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  1. Just wondering how she compares to the original. For me Carly was the one that got away. Just wondering if her MFF sister is as nice as the original.

    I'm going to be close to Niagara Falls this weekend and wondering if I should go see her. 250 boxes of deletes and all I want is a $135 MFF Carly.

    But not if she's a shadow of her former self.
  2. I saw the Carlys. They were nice and I liked the colors but I thought they were a little small.
  3. I saw these bags at the outlet. I'd say that they are more like the slimmer version of the older carly. Maybe 3-4 inches wide. They are cute though. I liked the pink one. They were $169 with 20% off yesterday.
  4. I just came back from the outlet today and I would definitely say that they are smaller and thinner than the older ones. The leather is much thinner (I have the original small one). They had cute chain-like detailing on the side but it wasn't the chunky detailing like the originals. Everything was just thinner, I guess.
  5. I don't think I'd like it then. Many thanks for the description, I guess that's the MFF thing. The orginal Carly was $398, how can the $169 one be the same quality.
  6. Definitely small. The Carly was one I missed out on too and so I was interested to see the MFF. But they were really tiny (I carry a lot of crap as a standard rule). If you need a small bag it was nice, but definitely not the same as the original.
  7. I had the original Carly (exchanged her because of fraying) for the original Zoe and I love Zoe so much more. I did see the MFF Carly on Monday at the outlet and they are smaller. Carly would be a good date night bag. Just the necessities and that's it :smile:
  8. Nope, my craving is for the ORIGINAL one, not some wanna-be. :P I would love it in black leather with brass hardware or black on black siggy. I'm hesitant to get it from ebay for some reason, so when I saw Coach had launched Carly again in MFF form I was hoping for the best. I have 2 Zoe's and I love them, but I'd still love a Carly.

    Funny though, my first Coach outlet buy was a pink patchwork Carly - and that was very well done - hardware was great and she was the same size as the original. I grew tired of the patchwork pretty quickly though and I sold her. Sounds like this new batch isn't as good.
  9. I saw one and did not even look like Carly I had to looks similar to the Brooke now or maybe a combo of both
  10. Alright then, that saves me 3 hours worth of driving and standing in line for probably an hour at the outlet. It doesn't sound like this Carly is worth that!

  11. I have the original Carly in both black leather and red leather...both with gold hardware. I love both of them. I have gotten lots of compliments on each one. I also have the black leather Zoe with nickel hardware. It is a little bigger than my Carlys. I bought all three of mine new with tags off of ebay and had great luck. I always check the feedback. The Macy stores near me never mark Coach down more than 25% off the original and their coupons are never good on Coach. Our nearest Coach outlet is a three hour drive. Today, I saw a Kristin in cobalt blue with tassels at Macys. It is beautiful. I am going to look on ebay. I actually have a Coach gift card but am thinking of putting it up on ebay because I don't want to pay full price at the boutique stores and the outlets are so far away.
  12. I thought they appeared smaller at the outlet {but that's just my opinion}
    still if you liked the Carly, the one at the factories would be a good match.
  13. I have several original leather Carlys that I LOVE, and I carried my bone/saddle Carly (my first Coach bag) to the outlet when I went to check out the MFF Carlys ... I was very disappointed ... IMO much thinner leather, smaller, and with a cheap-looking very thin strap. IMO the MFF version can't hold a candle to the original ... and I'm like you, I was really excited when I heard about the new MFF Carlys, I thought it would be like the Zoes or the Parker Hippies.

    BTW, when I was at the outlet today, they had some "mini" Carlys, like the little Zoe top handle pouches, that were actually cute - the smaller strap and stuff didn't look so bad on this size ... but I only saw them in siggy, no leather.
  14. I have original black leather CARLY with silver hardware. So, here are my thoughts...

    heavy leather
    shoulder strap is wide but tends to slide off my shoulder often
    fabric bag tends to fray at zipper opening
    cute hardware on sides

    lightweight leather
    shoulder strap thinner and seems to stay on shoulder better
    sateen fabric to prevent fraying at zipper opening
    cute hardware on sides
    seems smaller

    Overall, I feel the MFF CARLY is lightweight, pretty hardware design, improved fabric and great price.
  15. I got the original Carlys and I adore them. I saw some of the newer ones and they just don't look the same. Mind you, the tPFers that said the leather was thicker were right. In fact, the Carly leather is even thicker than the Zoe leather. I took the time to compare the two types of leather in this older thread:

    Since purchasing my last couple of Zoes, I have stopped buying Coach because the leather has just gotten too thin and the styles too different for me to appreciate. I still love love love my 2006-2009 Coach handbags--in fact, I carried my Large Chocolate Leather Zoe (with the hot pink raspberry lining) for two full days already--but I don't like anything from the new lines.