Anyone seen the Le Marais flap from 07A in any boutiques or dept stores?

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  1. Dears,

    I'm looking for the Le Marais flap (dark brown and/or gold) from last year 07A. Anyone seen it recently?

    Style nos:
    07A A35936Y04638 (Color: 90912 Dark Brown)
    07A A35936Y04626 (Color: C2528 Black/Gold)

    Here are some pictures for your reference (thanks to the tPFers who posted them before). If you have seen any of these 2, please let me know. Would really love to buy them. Thanks so much!


    Attached Files:

  2. Mia, I'm not sure if it's still available via NM online - but I have the bookmark at home and will PM you with it later... it was available for a long time however...
  3. oh, in gold, not brown...
  4. Hi skimmilk!! Thanks so much for your reply. Did you see the gold or the brown flap in the NM online? I'm ok with either one.....hehehe.
  5. GOLD :smile: I just PMed you...
  6. I have this bag in gold, and its really lovely.

    In case you don't find one at NM, there is one online now for 1,699 for BIN or best offer. The retail for this bag was US$1795 before tax...Get it authenticated tho (even tho it looks really good to me)