Anyone seen the latest denim speedy?

  1. My friend went to the trunk show today in Fashion Valley and she said there was a new denim speedy 30 that was TDF, and only available by pre-order. Does anyone have an pics of this bag? She said it was a lot more fun looking than the neo denim speedy. I'm so anxious to see it.
  2. The Denim Patchwork Speedy?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. this one?
  5. It looks pretty but the symmetry seems to be a bit out of whack ?
  6. I didn't go this afternoon, didn't have time plus nothing really tickle my fancy..welcome to PF Josephine
  7. Although it's not me per se, it looks more like a Speedy bag which is a good thing. JMO
  8. I went there today (the Fashion Valley store) and for me (don't throw things at me, anyone) and the bags were NOT anything I'd ever buy. The Patchwork Speedy is all over the comes in either the blackish gray or the blue..I don't like either. The only one that was halfway decent was the quilted looking bag in that really light tan color. Other than that, :yucky:. My mom and I had a long chat with Natalie (the manager) and she showed us a bunch of the bags etc. She also took out all the Inclusion stuff she had to show me (bangles, rings, cell charms, barrettes and Speedy keyring) and now I'm DYING for Thursday..I want my pieces..the Pomme d'Amour looks SO nice in the Inclusion.
  9. I predict... you're going to be the first lucky PF'er to get one!!! :sneaky:
  10. Hah. Lol, unfortunately 2 others have gotten their bangles already lol. I got a firm NO when I asked about buying them today :lol:
  11. OUCH. They couldn't ring it up and run it under as a gift certificate?
  12. Lol I guess not. But then again I guess it's good that my store is being ethical about it. I can wait until Thurs. but I'm getting antsy lol.
  13. I liked the patchwork Speedy & was going to waitlist for it. Looks much better in person. It has extra zippers & details & the shape is not out of wack. lol. But for $1,800, I decided to pass on getting this one. If I didn't already have 2 denim bags, I'd consider this one though. I liked the Dentelle Kirsten & Speedy the best of all the runway bags.
  14. VERY! there are two "tags?" at the end of the bag that bother me!
  15. Give me a good old fashion Monogram Speedy any day!