Anyone seen the Hamptons teal carryall at the outlets?

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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for the Hamptons carryall in teal.. number 12476. Seems to be a lot of ebay so i'm thinking they're at the outlet... or did I miss it? Anyone seen any? If so, how much are they? And at what outlet?

    A little off topic too but if outlets do charge send, does it cost to send it?

  2. Yes, I just took one back to a Michigan Outlet. They are about $135 plus tax...somewhere around there ....
  3. I saw them, I want to say, the first weekend in Jan. I actually returned my Hamptons carryall in berry and Woodbury had a large selection of teal and some berry. I had purchased my berry for $119 (tax not included) and I believe that day's selection was the same price.
  4. They were at the outlets a few weeks back, I purchased mine for $119. As far as Charge Sends, those who actually do it charge $10.