Anyone seen the Eden IRL?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has seen the Eden in the Pewter color IRL and what you thought. I am considering this bag to add to my Brynne(Just received) and black Sienna.
  2. i just bought the eden today! it was between the pewter and black; i got the black...the pewter is gorgeous and the bag is amazing...sometimes i just "play it safe" (and end up with 3940239423049 black bags!)...but it would be wonderful addition to your collection!
  3. Songofthesea-Ooh -I can't wait to see it now. I too usually go for black bags but I thought this might be a nice change. It looks like a beautiful color. Thanks.
  4. fairlady, the color is beautiful! i know a lot of us were disappointed at first with what kooba was coming out with for f/w...but, this new batch of bags is gorgeous! i LOVED the pewter! the leather is amazing and there are so many compartments, yet, at the same time it doesn't look bulky! let me know what you do!!
  5. songofthesea-I have a sister who also loves Kooba handbags. She just called me to tell me she saw the pewter Eden in person and also loved it. I am definitely going to check it out tomorrow. I'll let you know.Thanks again!
  6. I saw the Eden in the black and thought it was beautiful. I also saw the Hannah in the pewter and it was fabulous, I think just the right amount of pewter on the smaller bag so it looked really good.:tup:
  7. I guess I'm just weird but I got a Pewter Eden and didn't like it. But, I've been spoiled by metallic army Sienna. I ended up sending the pewter Eden back and am awaiting a black leather one as an exchange.