Anyone seen the chanel black CC logo earrings?

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  1. hi girls
    I am looking for this pair of earrings?

    are they common or very hard to find and has anyone seen them lately?
    does anyone konw the code so that i can ring some stores up and ask about them?

  2. I seen these earrings at Saks in Bala Cynwyd,PA I think they were $275 they had them in white enamel too. I don't know the code number but the phone number is 610-667-1550 ext 335.
  3. hi thanks lady bug!!
    i think they do come in white too
    i am surprised these are more expensive than the swarovski studs!
  4. update
    just rung the Saks nyc store
    they are $270...but bigger than the swarovski double C

    i don't really want anything that's bigger :sad:
  5. ^YEP..They r bigger than those.
    I actually got the pair of black ones for the EGC EVENT at Saks in PA..LOL..they did have them in white too.....I actually didnt mind them bigger..they are cute IRL..and I only wear tiny earrings normally
  6. I saw the white ones.. and I really want a pair, but I don't even bother wearing my crystal ones.. >_<
  7. i don't wear my crystal ones very often either :sweatdrop:
    does anyone know how much the pearl ones would cost approximately?

  8. South Coast Plaza at the OC has a large selection of jewelry.

    Last night, I bought my first Chanel earring, the small crystal cc's. The S/A told me she has one more pair left.

    Heres' the number: 714 754-7455

    Good Luck!
  9. Orlando Saks in the florida mall had the large black cc. They were 275.00. ( I got the white) :p:p:p
  10. do u know if it cmoes in a smaller size or it really is just that one size?
  11. Someone is selling a pair on eBay, the auction ends today!

  12. the small crystal CC's...they said they have hundred, but sold out quickly!
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    Hi, I know these earrings are old, but I wanted to know if any place still carry them or similar ones? Thanks!
  14. This is an old thread. Please use the ISO thread "stickied" at top of forum :tender:
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