Anyone seen the camelia bouquet line in stores?

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  1. Just wondering if anybody has seen or know which stores currently have the camelia bouquet collection available(specifically the ring). I was so disappointed that I missed out on the ring last year and hope to get the one from this year. TIA! :ty:
  2. I saw the red camellia bouquet ring today at NM. PM me for SA info. I want to let you know that the camellia is really small, it's not like the ring from last year where the flower is bigger.

  3. ^^^ Oh, that's disappointing to hear. I was hoping the size of the camellia would be the same as last year's.
  4. I was all ready to buy the black one until I found out that it only comes in size 7. :sad: I would have purchased it if the ring could be sized.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. I was hoping for a black one but now I'm not so sure I want one anymore if it's smaller.:sad: