anyone seen the blueberry IRL?

  1. has anyone seen the blueberry IRL? does it have any purple undertones or is it just a deep royal blue? feel free to be as descriptive as you want;) !!
  2. When I spoke with Lily from Cultstatus, I asked her about the blueberry. She said it was a flat deep blue, not purply like the ink which had more dimensions to its colour.
  3. I e-mailed Joseph about it a couple days ago and he also said there were no purple undertones and that it was more of a deep navy blue. :smile:
  4. i saw it on the weekend. it was a true royal blue - no purple undertones.
  5. thanks guys! i've been going back and fourth between the grenat and blueberry and i just don't know! which color do you think is more versatile?
  6. peanut, i think for versatility probably the grenat. but the blueberry just sounds so yummy! why not get both?! i'm not much help, am i?
  7. esile you just made me credit card cry! seriously would love to but my bf would kill me. i think i'm going to try to get one from each season as they come out, this one being my first! so excited, yet so torn. i go for days thinking that grenat is the way to go and then i stare longingly at the blueberry!
  8. 0o0o0o, blueberry!!! hmmm, it sounds just awesome!!! peanut202 - you should get the blueberry!
  9. That Blueberry sounds soooo pretty! I say go for it! :smile: What style are you looking for?
  10. ok, this is getting too ridiculous. everytime anybody writes about a new color, I WANT IT so badly. I'll be bankrupted by the end of this month!
  11. And this is just for PRE-fall colors:biggrin:
  12. didi, you need the blueberry... to add to your "sea of blue".:graucho:
  13. Pupsterpurse i'm thinking of getting the city...i need something big enough for everyday but nothing huge. i definately want a first for my second bag. i would give up my imaginary first born for a pistachio or teal...mmm teal. but i figure the chances of finding either of those is pretty slim. :cry:
    i should focus on getting my first bbag though, this obsession is going to kill me!!
  14. I say go for the one with the nicer leather. cal posted a thread about the leather on the new colors and she said the Blue Roi/Blueberry was veiny like the current season, but the Sapin and Black were smooshy and nice like the old leather. Maybe see if the Grenat has the lovely leather like the Sapin and Black?
  15. that's true...although with all of this experimentation with Lubriderm and bag massaging it seems any bag with iffy leather can be made beautiful! as of tonight i am leaning more towards the blueberry...but i'm sure tomorrow i'll be wanting to get me some grenat.
    ladies why can't we all be rich instead of just beautiful? ;)