Anyone seen th patent wristlets or mini skinnys @ outlets?

  1. Specifically the Magenta patent wristlet and mini skinny. I hate when I buy something from the coach store and find out its already at the outlets a few days or weeks later. Thanks in advance tPF'ers!!
  2. Yep, i saw the patent magenta mini skinney (and brown and something else)and some patent (cant remember colors) wristlets today. i think the minis were $24 once you took 20% off. I know how you feel about buying something and then it goes to the outlets- hope you can find one!!
  3. Yes, they had them at Woodbury on Saturday!
  4. no patent in CA. only lurex that I can recall
  5. thanks guys!

    glamgirl, what outlet did you see it at?
  6. Yes, I saw them in the Sevierville, Tennessee outlet last week, they also had the matching totes.
  7. Mini Skinnys at Grove City, PA Outlets! $24.99!
  8. Woodbury!
  9. I just bought a teal patent mini skinny at waterloo ny!
  10. Patent mini skinnies at the Branson, MO outlet.
  11. none in colorado yet. maybe tomorrow!!
  12. I bought a brown patent gallery wristlet today at Aurora, IL for $30 or something.
  13. Saw magenta patent wristlets at the Carlsbad, CA outlet yesterday, but I didn't see the price.

    HTH! :tup:
  14. Hi - I also saw them at Vacaville today - they had quite a few in Magenta and I think the Teal color as well.
  15. Thanks greenpixie! I called them and unfortunately they told me they got only ones in mahogany. But sometimes I can't trust their word cause at times they probably do have it and are just too lazy to check on the floor (happened to me before :tdown:). So I'll just go in and hope they have it. Thanks again!!