anyone seen SJP's new Bitten fall collection yet?

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  1. I was on the wesite and I saw a jacket that looked interesting but I dont know if it is worth a trip down to my local steve and barrys which is quite a bit aways.So if anyone has been to S&B lately please let me know how the new collection is!
  2. IMO, the collection is WELL worth the trip, be it a short distance or a long one. I was thrilled with the quality, and the price is unbeatable. Great colors, classic designs, all around great clothes that will last. I purchased two tops and three pairs of jeans so far, and they all hold up VERY well in the wash and being abused by me. :tup:
  3. When did they had the fall collection out? I got a few pieces from her first collection so definitely want to check out her fall ones.
  4. I still need to check it out as well. Although it seemed like last time by the time I got over to the mall they were sold out of the bigger sizes of stuff that I wanted but I still picked up a couple of tanks.
  5. i checked it out.. great prices.. however.. i didn't really like the quality.. but what can you expect out of unbelievable prices?
  6. Made the trek to the US today to check this out and was a little disappointed.
    It seemed very basic. Didn't see much from the website, despite being told the new shipment was in store today.
    Picked up a pair of pants that was it.
  7. I didn't see a single thing worth buying. I was so disappointed. Not sure if the selection was bad, but everything looked so basic.

  8. did you happen to notice a black jacket? On the website I coulsnt tell f it was made out of like a satin material or if it was like a pleather...
  9. Haven't seen the fall line yet, but I did get the black and white polka dot dress from the summer season and it is extremely flattering. I just bought it on a whim and was really surprised how much I like it.
  10. Have ppl's older SJP pieces held up okay w/use?
  11. Not mine - I bought a t-shirt that got a warped collar after the first wash. Another black stretchy top was fine after two washes, but now is looking faded. I do have a gray top that has held up okay though.
  12. I have absolutely lived out of a brown dress and white baby doll top I bought in July, and they both still look fantastic. The summer collection didn't wow me on the website, but I ended up liking quite a bit in the store. For sure I want that houndstooth coat.
  13. Ugh, I want to check out that collection so badly! I hate living in the Netherlands.

    Edit: I just saw the website and it's all so cute and cheap :amazed: Can't believe how cheap it is...