Anyone seen Sage Rive Gauche IRL?

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  1. Wondering what this color REALLY looks like... anyone seen it in person? It's on the Saks website. Can't decide what I think... is it green, is it gray, is it ugly... or attractive? Help!
  2. ^^^I noticed the "sage" Rive Gauche on the Saks website too. I guess it must be a new color for spring. When the Rive Gauche first came out for fall-winter 06, it was available in black, brown, "anthracite" (a dark silvery gray), and "forest" (a very dark green), according to my YSL catalogue. I have seen the "anthracite" and "forest" IRL, and the "sage" color is definitely different from those. I'm looking forward to seeing "sage," because I really love green!
  3. Ostrich in "Jungle"...don't know if it helps for the 'green' sector, but I am just too excited!!:yahoo:

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  4. OMG thompk I love your ostrich RG! It's the number 1 bag on my wish list from the moment I saw it. It's such an amazing color. I love everything about this bag :smile:
    Although the sage RG is grey (at least it looks like grey in the pictures at saks). I think that the ostrich one is much more expensive than the regular one, and here the prices are the same.
  5. I saw one green one in Saks today before the madness began--I think it might have been the sage you;re taking around. If it was, it's a green with a fair amount of gray in it, but it's definitely green.
  6. I saw it at Saks, too. It was beautiful. It's kind of a neutral green - it's really classy, though. I think the color suits the style well. I am not normally into greenish bags, but this one is somehow retro looking in a fabulous, modern way