Anyone seen Rive Gauches on Sale?

  1. Hi Ladies! I don't have many high end retailers in my area to check latest pricing/sale info on YSL (in fact I don't even think my Neimans or Saks carries YSL bags), so I'm wondering how low you've seen prices on the Rive Gauche lately. My sister-in-law lives in Houston where she saw Muses going fairly inexpensively at the Galleria YSL store, but she didn't recall any Rive Gauches on sale. Do any of you recall seeing the Rive Gauche style (in particular the medium size) on sale and just how low they were going? As for auctions from legit sellers I'm wondering what too much to pay would be if they are being sold at discounted prices in the stores now. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks much!
  2. NM had a medium black RG on sale recently - from US$1,950 to US$1,490. During the 4-day further mark down, it went down to US$1,195.
  3. Thanks for the detailed info Ms Piggy! I appreciate it.
  4. Yes, I've seen it for sale on Bluefly, but you have to keep checking because it changes often. Happy shopping!
  5. why the bluefly can sell their bags at a cheaper price? are they REAL? thanks
  6. the price is about right for a real RG. it costs SGD2,000+ in singapore. bluefly's stuff should be authentic.
  7. i just checked the prices at YSL boutique in singapore.. the rive gauche costs around SGD$3k++
  8. you can get them marked down in bluefly. I don't think they carry the medium sized RGs in Singapore (at least the last time I checked)
  9. There are several Rive Gauches here in dubai, on sale for 40% off and it comes to around $1000 i think. I'm unsure if you can order from the ysl boutiques here and if they ship to the US but just a heads up, in case!:tup:
    They still had the chocolate, caramel, and that greenish not sure of the exact color.
  10. That would the Sage colour.
  11. has anyone seen the RG (large) in black anywhere online? any discount prices available? i SO need to have that bag!

  12. Ms. Piggy, was that 4 day Neiman Marcus sale online? If so, how do you get the additional off? Do you have to have a code?