Anyone seen or tried on the somerset pouch?

  1. I think it looks quite cute- not too expensive. Just wondering if you could fit much in it- think it might be a bit small!
    Anyone seen it IRL- opinions please!?
  2. Hi, Somerset pouch ? do you mean small shoulder bag ? if so they are quite small , but enough room I would think to get keys purse and a few bits and bobs in .
    Not much room either for shoulder strap , I`m not a fan but they look good value for money compared to some of the other bags:yes:
  3. On the website they are all leather so it's different from the somerset shoulder bag which has the canvas strap.
  4. Oh can`t say I`ve seen them , have to check them out.
  5. I saw the shoulder bag in John Lewis. It's not my style as I like a bigger bag but it would be great with jeans.
  6. Oh yes I have seen them , they are quite sweet , are they under £300.

    They are nice , if you already have a collection , I`m still trying to build mine so need a few more `statement ` bags , so to speak !!

    They would look great with jeans :tup:
  7. Only £150

    thinking of a small summer bag to wear with jeans. Just thinking might be a bit too small!!
  8. I think like you said in another thread , you don`t really want any bags at the moment , so maybe just buying for the sake of it !! :smile:

    I don`t think that they are big enough either !!
  9. I'm just contemplating future purchases and what may be in the outlets come May!!!