Anyone seen or know where to find Heloise in Gazelle/Taupe?

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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
    I'm looking for the color Gazelle in the Heloise large shoulder bag. I realize that this color is a couple of years old now, but if anyone sees a pre-owned one in excellent condition, I'd very much appreciate it. :flowers: All leads are welcome! Here is photo of the bag in "Gazelle." I believe the color is aka "Taupe."

  2. I think there may be/might have been on e-bay recently, if you haven't checked, you might look there. That is one of the best colors fo the Heli -- good luck in your search.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, llson! :flowers: I will definitely check on Ebay! It was only by doing research on TPF that I was able to figure out that the official color on this Heloise is called "Gazelle." I'm still a relative latecomer to Chloe, so I am still discovering all the earlier colors for Heloise from seasons past, and I keep falling in love with them! Chestnut, Filter and Cognac are just three of the 'older' colors that I love so much. I only wish I had 'discovered' Chloe bags for myself I could have bought these Heloise beauties back when they were more readily available.

    My search continues....:search:
  4. Here is another photo I found of the Heloise in "Gazelle" taken at a Nordstrom back in winter '08 (both in the small bowler and the classic shoulder bag, in the second row). If anyone sees either of these bag anywhere online, or anywhere else - please let me know, would very much appreciate it!! :flowers::winkiss::flowers:

  5. Hope you find one, the color is beautiful.
  6. Thank you llson, :flowers: I would love to find either size, really. I hope one pops up on *bay or the other sites!
  7. Hi, I just went to a boutique here in Japan looking for the large Heloise, and there is one in black and one in "beige" at another boutique (unfortunately, my Japanese is nonexistent). I know you said you're looking for a pre-owned one, but thought you might be interested to hear about this one.
  8. bkkbee-

    Thanks for sharing the information. :flowers: Did you happen to catch the official Chloe name of the large Heloise you saw at the boutique? It's possible it is the color "Mastic," which is more of a true, cement-colorish Beige. If it had a bit of the taupe/pinky undertones, then the bag you saw might be the Gazelle. The color I am interested in is from seasons past, but it's possible the Japan boutique has it. What was the name of the boutique in Japan?
  9. hi madforchloe, the color is "mastic" - sorry it's not the gazelle you're looking for! It looks like they have two, one in Fukuoka (+81 92 716 6216) and one in Tokyo (+81 3 5219 6133).
  10. Thank you for the information, I do appreciate it! :flowers: I think I'm going to pass on the Mastic since it's a bit lighter and a little different in color than the Gazelle. I think I'm going to keep looking on Ebay to locate Gazelle. Thanks again, though!