Anyone seen or know if the redesigned french wallet is being sold yet?

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  1. If anyone can find photos of the inside of this wallet, :tender: please post. I am dying to see it. I have been eagerly awaiting this since I heard about this redesign. TIA
  2. I tried to order the reissue from eluxury a few days ago, I gave them the updated sku as another PFer had posted it. She said they didn't have the new ones yet so I asked her if I could call the stores and ask if they had any yet. She put me on hold and called a store and they told her they wouldn't be out for another couple of months. If anyone does know they are in the stores, I would love to know! I need those extra cc slots!
  3. I called 1-866-vuitton and the customer service person said it is not ou yet and to try next week ( after 8/21) and they will do a store search. She is estimated the stores will have the new shipments by then. :smile:
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