Anyone seen or have the Damier Illovo MM?

  1. I'm loving the look of this bag, but I'm wondering how long the straps are. I have to be able to carry a bag on my shoulder, and preferably not right under my armpit.

    If you've seen or own this bag, what were your impressions?
  2. I bought this bag for my mom last year and it's a shoulder bag. The straps are pretty long so it will not be right under your arm pit. It hangs a good distance from your arm. It's very roomy and durable but my mom doesn't like it. She wants a monogram one instead. So now I'm selling this bag. She only used it at most 5X so if you're interested, you can PM me. ;)
  3. It's certainly a possibility if the straps are that long, but I'm still looking around since I won't be able to purchase for another couple of months. I hope you get a great price for it, and thanks for replying!

  4. Anytime! :biggrin:
  5. This is the bag I just bought.... measured the stap and its 24.5 inches which includes the rings connecting it and the little bit of leather where the rings are connected to the purse.
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