Anyone seen or have pics of 2010 Moutarde Mustard Yellow?

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  1. I swear I've done search after search, but can't seem to find any!!:confused1:

    I saw someone's pics taken through a window, I love the tease, but they give no real indication of the actual color.

    Has anyone seen the new 2010 yellow yet?? Do I need to start saving my pennies now??
  2. I don't think the Mustard, Olive or Canard bags have been shipped to the stores yet. My SA said they should start coming in February.
  3. Correct ... the Olive, Canard & Moutarde should be coming into the stores soon (in Feb). I did, however, see pictures of the Canard & Moutarde:

    1. The Canard is a very deep Blue ... reminded me of Officier
    2. Moutarde is more like the '04 Yellow ... but with just a hint of brown undertone; ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in my opinion!!
  4. ^^ Any spy pics CeeJay? Or a picture of 04 yellow?? :flowers:
  5. Thank you!! I shall begin saving my pennies. :smile:

    Do we know what colors come in which styles? I'd love a Flat Clutch in yellow, and a First, and and and...:smile: