Anyone seen makeup clutch??

  1. I really really want one!!! I checked Barneys in BH and they werent terribly helpful. Aloha doesnt have them..... is ebay my only hope?

    let me know if you have seen any, i really want rouge vif or emerald, but well, would SERIOUSLY consider any!

    and keep your eyes open for me!
  2. Did you try calling BalNY?
  3. i emailed sarah. i couldnt get through when i called yesterday.... havent heard from her since then. She is either off or busy on a saturday!
  4. I got my Blueberry makeup from Balny a few weeks ago. Keep trying. Theres an ice blue one on ebay now.
  5. How much are the makeup clutches?
  6. ^ $455 retail, I think.
  7. 1/2 of a new bag . . .
  8. I think they are $495 now
  9. They are the same size as the shoulders and those are $695..just with a strap
  10. I just found this at Cult Status~

    [​IMG][​IMG]bags > Small Leather Goods > Makeup Clutch
    [​IMG] Makeup Clutch
    CULTSTATUS is an official retailer of Balenciaga. Photo is for reference only and does not represent current stock. Please visit our boutique to view the collection or contact us for more information.
    Size:L21cm x H14cm x D4cmColour:Black, Blue, Rose

    AUD: $689.00 Add To Shopping BagEmail To A Friend
    +enlarge [​IMG]
  11. thanks zacorey! Too bad they dont have the green in stock! I REALLY want rouge vif or emerald..... and i dont want to pay that much over retail if its not what i want.....

    really should call bal ny...
  12. ^^^I have to say you have great taste! I have both those colors in my Bal collection! LOL
  13. great info zacorey! thanks for sharing that cult status link. wonder if they ship to the us?
  14. just now realized that the prices are not in us dollars....makes the bags that much more reasonable!!! HMMMMM........
  15. All the bags are priced considerably lower - but they don't take credit cards, you have to transfer from your bank or get an international money order. Is that a hassle? Might be worth it to save several hundred dollars. No refunds, just store credit, too. Interesting tho . . . .:wondering