Anyone seen Luxe Ligne Bag Flap? Still available in shop?

  1. I like the style of this flap(A31403). I know the hollywood collection has a flap like it but don't like the gradient look though.
    Anyone seen one in leather? what color and how much?
    thanks in advance.
  2. I can't see the photo.
  3. I can't see the photo either!!
  4. oh, that's my bag! Those have been sold out more than a year.
    You may be able to find a patent LUxury Flap somewhere, but not that leather.
  5. Yes!! i know it has been out for more than a year but it is such a great bag so i wanna give myself a try. I saw someone is still able to get a 2005 2.55 reissue, I hope I have that luck.

    What color is yours? are there 2 sizes (A31403 and A31402)?

  6. you posted a link to mine, it's metallic black, A31403.
    In the USA they came in the size I have and a teeny one that was very rare, I only saw one once in the Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills boutique, some of us actually thought it may have been a return from an international sale. If there was a smaller, available in the US, it was super rare.
    I saw a woman carrying one bigger than mine in a metallic gold last week, but I'm not convinced it was real.
    eBay will be your only bet at this point I'm afraid.
  7. Oh right!! haha... that is your link! sorry, I didn't realize.

    The hollywood flap is very similar. it is nice and i love the double chain strap but I just prefer to have a leather one.

    Thank you for your advance and in this case i can only look forward for the future collection.
  8. If you like the style of that luxe flap, but prefer leather, other options would be the Le Marais flap or Hidden Chain flaps. They're shaped like the luxe flap. You can find more info in the Ref. Library under their Collection.

    Luxe Flap:

    Le Marais Flap:


    Hidden Chain Flap:
  9. well, you're not going to believe this, but I just visited my NM and there was a Luxe Flap on the shelf.
    It's NOT the same leather as mine but it's black, looked sort of antique-y.
    If I can figure out how to get pictures off my Razr I'll post it! LOL!
    LMK if you want contact info for my NM.
  10. If it's anything like my RAZR you can either upload the photos (there is an option when you open the photos under "options" or you can email it to yourself via picture mail and get it from there. I know that was vague but I thought I'd attempt to help.
  11. it is a good suggestion! thanks for showing me with pics!

  12. That's really great! I would like to have the contact info please! It is so nice that you took the pic for me even you don't know the way to get it from your Razr:p . i will call and see if they can send me pic.
    Thanks a lot!

  13. thanks for your help. Hope she can figure it out and i can see the pic soon. :yahoo:
    anyway, i will try to ask the SA to send me a pic as well.